Landscape: Garden & Softscapes

Plants (as an artistic medium) are perhaps the most unique form of art. Unlike oil paintings that look the same year after year, plants constantly change season to season, even day to day. We understand the complexity of Plant Features: Seasonal Color, Texture, Form, Light, Value, Plant Behavior, Unity, and Proportion to create the most beautiful inter-layered and weaved planting scheme as possible. Our Garden & Softscapes always have seasonal interest, we understand there are more than 4 seasons with plants. Plants can have features in the beginning, middle or end of any season. In a way, up to 12 “seasons” in a year. Blooms are least important in design, we even consider other important factors such as new growth and all transitional attributes of a plant. Understanding the complexity and timing of a plant feature can create a masterpiece for display everyday of the year.

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