Plants (as an artistic medium) are perhaps the most unique form of art because they are living. They constantly change season to season, even day to day. We understand the complexity of Plant Features to create the most beautiful, inter-layered and weaved planting scheme as possible. Our Garden & Softscapes always have seasonal interest. We even consider other important factors such as new growth and all transitional attributes. Understanding the complexity and timing of a plant feature can create a masterpiece in your own landscape. One call can get it all started.


At Chidsey Landscape, we do two main types of landscape and softscape: new installation and redesign.

New Landscape Installation

Imagine a clean slate. Maybe it is a newly built house or a home that has never been shown any love. Here at Chidsey Landscape, we are landscape design experts. We are able to take a homeowner’s ideas and craft them into a design they can see with our state-of-the-art technology. This ensures our clients’ expectations are always met. If you are looking for landscape installation services, please get in touch!

Landscape Redesign

Landscape redesign is for the those homeowners who have never been too impressed with their landscaping or maybe are in a different phase in life then they were. A perfect example of needing a landscape renovation would be a growing family who would benefit from an outdoor living space or an older person who needs to simplify the landscape maintenance of their home. We would love to install landscaping that brings joy and function!

landscape installation
landscape installation
natural stone landscaping